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Digital Mammography

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Mammograms are the primary diagnostic system for detecting early breast cancer in women, when the cancer is most easily treated.

The digital mammography equipment at PMI is low-dose and designed by Hologic, a leading developer of premium diagnostic products created specifically to address the healthcare needs of women. All mammograms are performed using the MammoPad®, a cushion that can greatly improve the woman's experience. The foam pad serves as a cushion between the breast and the mammography system resulting in a softer, warmer mammogram. This technology does not compromise the image quality of an exam and actually aids in positioning the breast.

For insurance coverage, routine mammograms can only be scheduled annually, unless otherwise ordered.

Pre-Exam Instructions

  • DO NOT use any perfume, cream, powder or deodorant on appointment day. These can show up on your mammogram.
  • We suggest wearing a two-piece outfit, as only the upper garmet is removed for the exam.
  • Please inform staff when scheduling where your prior mammogram was performed.
  • Please inform staff upon scheduling if you have breast implants, have had breast surgery or have any special needs such as use of a walker or wheelchair.
  • You can expect a pre-scan review of your medical history, previous testing and insurance information.

Required Forms


  • Allow 30 - 60 minutes
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